The application helps learners practice different skills while having fun. It nurtures the learners' curiosity, appeals to their imagination and keeps them engaged with gaming elements that include incremental progression, rewards and upgrades.

Avilable on Both tablet and phones

App Features

Over 40,000 error-free questions per grade

Varying levels of difficulty

Gamified, includes rewards and upgrades

Allows parents to monitor student performance and progress

Levelled reading

Suitable for ages 6 to 11

Practice at Home

Children can practice the Arabic language skills anytime and anywhere using a tablet or smartphone while being exposed to different types of content and questions. Children collect coins for each correct answer and collect diamonds for each completed assignment. Coins and diamonds are used within the application to unlock new regions and assets and to play exciting games.

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BravoBravo is a skill-based solution in that it does not follow any particular curriculum. Automatically created and graded assignments ensure that the children's performance is constantly evaluated as they practice different Arabic skills, regardless of each child's school. Continuous assessment and evaluation through the application provide parents with ongoing feedback.

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BravoBravo provides ongoing data and results about your child’s performance and progress in different skills while identifying strengths and areas of weakness that need to be addressed.
This information is available on both applications, web and mobile.

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