About Us

350 million people in 22 countries speak Arabic; it is the language of all online and print media in these countries. It is the language of business, official correspondence, poetry, the various art forms, and more. Spoken Arabic, however, is quite different from what is learned at school. While spoken Arabic has its roots in classical (Fusha) Arabic, it is different enough to pose a considerable challenge for learners of classical Arabic. Simply put, we are teaching our students a language that they do not use in daily life!

BravoBravo is a mobile phone and web application designed to reach a new generation of students that is increasingly immersed in technology in order to facilitate learning the Arabic language in its very important classical form. BravoBravo is a learning tool like no other; it is a gamified, adaptive, interactive, fun and visually rich Arabic learning and assessment application that will take user experience to a whole new level. This is a game changer.

Our Story

We are Bravo Software, offering the BravoBravo application which is designed to attract children to learn and practice Arabic in grades 1 through 4. The application's content and interface were developed by Amman Academy, a school with outstanding academic results. BravoBravo was built by educators for educators. The application was fully developed within a school environment and undergoes continuous research and development among learners, teachers and parents.

BravoBravo in numbers

  • 150,000

    Questions per Subject

  • 20,000

    Audio Files

  • 15,000


  • 500

    Paragraphs and Books

  • 2,500


  • 50

    Variety of Questions